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I want a similar writting with another routine 

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I have chosem to assemble a workout that will allow me to gain muscle mass. I did not want to focus too much on upper body workout but also include lower body exercises as well. Since I have worked out in the past before, I bypassed workout routine for typical week. I decided to focus on one muscle group a day. Since I wanted to gain muscle msdd,I did no more than 10 reps and kept adding weight if my rep count seemed to increase. I my days off from free weights, I would play soccer games. I counted this as my cardio as I am sure I would run about 4-5 miles a game, Wednesdays and Saturdays were my cardio days were I would play soccer. My only day of rest was Sunday.


I do increase my calorie intake since I was working out heavily. I increased my water intake as well. I tried to maintain a Calorie intake of 3000 a day. I also increased my protein intake to at leat 70 grams a day. By doing so, it would assist my muscle in recovery and growth

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