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English is, most importantly, a subject that students

English is, most importantly, a subject that students can learn in schools and colleges. And when it comes to pursuing this subject as a specialisation course, students are required to come up with in-depth case studies, term papers, and dissertations on the various works of literature. From analysing the extensive works of William Shakespeare to writing the perfect thesis statement based on contemporary stage plays; dissertation, as an academic exercise, comprise too many topics to work on.

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English Dissertation Help At Your Fingertips

Combating the odds of English dissertation can at times get the better of you, especially when there’s a stringent deadline knocking on the door and you have no idea how to cope up with the intricacies. In case you are facing such issues and looking for an ideal English dissertation helper to assist you with advanced solutions, feel free to rope us in.

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Here are the key functional areas of English dissertation we specialize in:

Constructively Prepared English Dissertation Abstracts

Our team of proficient writers is here to help you in writing an English dissertation perfectly, with the best abstract, drafted with precision. The well-crafted dissertation abstract shall mirror the English dissertation structure by representing all its elements. If you don’t believe us, consider placing an order with us and make a difference in your grades.

No One Makes Thesis Statements As Compelling As We Do

No worries, your English literature dissertation is in safe hands. Our team of expert writers is dedicated to drafting compelling thesis statements, irrespective of all technical stringencies. From including interesting slants to your paper to coming up with factual data in support of the topic of discussion; we are here to help your English dissertation with every needful addition according to the guidelines.

References And In-Text Citations Done Right

Are you looking for a reliable English dissertation helper that can assist you with well-written and fully-referenced paper on time? Ask us to “do my English dissertation”.

Our team of experts is updated with the latest conventions of referencing. From the Chicago format to the MLA referencing style or the APA format to Harvard referencing style, we are accustomed to following all conventions with precision.

Writers Available To Work On Dissertations On Plays, Poetry, And Novels

For instance, you are in need of dissertation writers that can help you solve Advanced higher English dissertation topics and not being able to find satisfactory results on your search engine, take a look here. is available with the best team of writers that will work diligently on English dissertations related to plays, novels and poetry.

Whether it’s an analysis of “The Tempest” or a dissertation on “The Spanish Tragedy”, our writers are aware of the technical nitty-gritty of the task. From professors to native writers; we have the best faculty available at work.

Careful Proofreading And Meticulous Editing Of Dissertations

Drafting the perfect English dissertation is certainly no child’s play. Well, you need not worry when we are here to back you up. Our proofreaders are well-aware of the latest editing and proofreading norms. They will read the entire dissertation carefully, look for all silly errors and grammatical flaws and rectify the same with precision.

Thus, if you find dissertation topics in English literature tricky and tedious, place an order with us. Now that you know how we work, you shouldn’t keep any doubt regarding the quality of the paper we would deliver.

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English Dissertation Queries Resolved In A Jiffy

No English dissertation is perfect English dissertation unless the academic work contains a flawlessly drafted introduction, body paragraph, and a thought-provoking conclusion. However, things tend to appear difficult for the students who are not knowledgeable of the various technical insights regarding framing an ideal introduction, coming up with informative body paragraphs, and thought-provoking conclusions.

Now, in case you have the following queries on your mind, allow us to resolve them with precision.

  • How long is an English dissertation? 

An English dissertation should ideally be around 5,000 – 10,000 words. It will depend on the guidelines, as specified by your academic instructor.
How we can help?
Specify the length of your English dissertation to us, and allow our experts to assist you with constructive online English dissertation help on time.

  • How to write an English dissertation introduction? 

It should be entirely based on thorough research and the ability of an individual to come up with interesting slants in a precise manner.
How we can help?
Ask us to “do my English dissertation introduction”, and our experts will invest enough time in conducting research, discovering unique slants and evidence for or against the topic of discussion.

  • How to write an English dissertation conclusion? 

The conclusion should be compelling with enough scopes for the readers to conduct further research on the particular subject matter.
How can we help?

If you seek online English dissertation help from, then the diligent writers would come up with structured conclusions that summarise the entire work in simple yet thought-provoking sentences.

  • What to do my English dissertation on? 

From “Chaucer’s Realism” to “Critical Analysis of Shakespearean plays”, there are ample topics to work on, provided you know your literature well.
How can we help?
If you cannot spend enough time in research that is required to choose an ideal English dissertation topic, ask us to “help me do my English dissertation”. We will not only assist you with interesting subject matters to work on, but the experts will also give their best in order to draft the entire paper on your behalf.

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Sample Question And Solution Of English Dissertation


How English develops in the world is no business whatever of native speakers in England, the United States, or anywhere else’ (Widdowson, 1994:385). Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain why? Discuss the implications of English Language Teaching.


Undoubtedly, English has become the dominant language in the world. It is gradually given to various names and symbols, such as Lingua Franca, World English, International Language, and Standard English. It is beyond only a ‘language’. Experts and scholars put lots of effort to discuss, analyze, and argue the importance, transformation, and function of it. Kachru (1985) uses his ‘ Three Circles’ to elaborate on the number of people who use English. In the ‘ Inner Circle’ only 375 million users are the native speakers who are the norm-providers. Roughly only one out of every four users of English in the world is a native speaker of the language. However, the three out of the four users follow the ‘ Standard English’ which is defined by the native speakers. Widdowson (1994) expressed the idea in a very telling manner when he writes “ It is a matter of considerable pride and satisfaction for native speakers of English that their language is an international means of communication. But the point is that it is only international to the extent that it is not their language Jenkins 2011). Read more.

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Most Popular Questions Searched By Students:

Q.1. How To Write An English Dissertation?

Ans: Answer: Dissertation writing is the longest piece of academic writing which requires submitting as an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. It is a time-consuming process so to make it easier for you here are a few steps for you:

  • Choose an English dissertation topic that excites the readers
  • Follow the guideline
  • Clear out research strategy with the supervisor
  • Do your research
  • Create a draft
  • Maintain a structure
  • Edit and proofread

Q.2. What Are Some Good Topics For The English Dissertation?

Ans: Answer: Some of the best suggestions for English dissertation topics are:

  • Explain the growth of feminism in 20th-century literature
  • Put some light on the changes in the role of women seen in 20th-century literature.
  • What can you say about the diversity of culture seen in children’s literature?
  • How literature brought an impact on shaping children’s mind?
  • Complete analysis of homosexuality existing in literature from its beginning to the present day.

Q.3. How To Choose A Ph.D. Topic In English Literature?

Ans: Answer: Here are a few tips on how you choose a good Ph.D. dissertation topic in literature:

  • Go through current theories, internet, researches and find out something intriguing
  • It should come from your area of interest so that it holds your interest for a long time
  • Make sure you narrow down a topic
  • It should have a significant contribution to knowledge
  • Take your supervisor’s opinion on your English literature dissertation

More Answers

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