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english 1101

In about one page(probably between 250 and 350 words typed), respond to the following prompt, or a specific issue you found interesting, about Joan Didion’s “On Keeping a Notebook.” Two goals are especially important for these write-ups: first, that you demonstrate real thoughtfulness about the text which exceeds comprehension and summary — you must ask yourself questions about the readings and try to answer them; second, that your response demonstrate your familiarity with the text (that is, your response should prove to me that you have done the assigned reading).
Didion suggests that, for her, keeping a diary is not really about recording events accurately. Why is this? More importantly, why does she keep a journal? What is its usefulness to her? Consider especially her comments about “keep[ing] in touch” (81) with former versions of herself. Why is this important? How can this apply to your own life?

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