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employment and labor relations presentation 1

Problem resolution

oExplain how you would apply the law to handle this situation.


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Scenario A 


One of the patient care aides has complained to her manager that the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital has been following her around, making lewd comments, and trying to grab her. The manager is intimidated by the Medical Officer and ignores the complaint. The aide complains again and her manager demotes her to the night shift even though she has seniority over others in the area.


The patient care aide goes to the EEOC and files a complaint of sexual harassment and retaliation. Three of her coworkers speak out on her behalf during the EEOC investigation process. When the manager finds out that they have spoken against the medical officer, she terminates the employees. One of the three coworkers also complained of harassment by the Medical Officer but had not filed an EEOC complaint.


The hospital EEO officer comes to you as the executive administrator and asks you what to do.



——-> Powerpoint presentation of above Question/situation

——-> 4 slides pertaining to topic and 1 slide for references (at least 5 references)=5 slides

——-> Slides must contain bullet points and detailed speaker notes below (designated area)

——-> I need answer in 3 hours (2 pm, 3/22/15, Sunday)


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