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This report summarizes your findings from the data presented in Report 7, and examines in depth any salient features of that data.

Audience: Think of this as a report for potential investors from a disinterested advisor. You are not trying to sell the company, rather you are giving an objective overview in the following order:

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Introduce your company and give a little background about its history and performance.

Summarize how your company’s stock performed relative to the S&P 500 over the entire period, and how your company performed in the recession and recovery. Be sure to refer to the relevant graphs and/or tables explicitly. Discuss any other salient features of your company revealed in the data. You should refer to each graph and table at least once. For example, did your company stop paying dividends? If so, try to find out why. Does your company have a usually high or low Tobin’s Q value? If so, try to investigate what might be behind this measure. Identify any events or developments that help explain sharp decreases or increases in your company’s stock over the period, as identified in your first graph. You may also look at daily stock data from wrdrs site, if there was a particular news event that impacted your company’s stock. You may add a graph depicting daily stock movements to enhance your explanation.

Briefly conclude where you think this company is headed. If you dare, predict the stock return in the coming years.

We will discuss the many possible resources for this report in class. General Guidelines: Maximum length 2 pages, double spaced, with normal 12 point font, not including outside sources which should be cited in standard format. When you refer to or quote a specific reference, give enough detail to find the source in your citations. Don’t use footnotes, since this is only a short paper. For example, you may write: According to the Wall Street Journal (Sept. 24, 2011), Company X fired their chief executive office, Jane Doe, causing a sharp increase in stock price we can see in Figure 1 between September and October 2011.

Then list the Wall Street Journal article by name, date, and author in a list of your sources at the end. 

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