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distribution ofsales within an industry

What is the eight-firm concentration ratio for this industry? _______ (Enter your response as a whole number). ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment

4-1 26-1 23-25.png

4-1 26-1 23-25.png

Suppose that the distribution ofsales within an industry is as shown in the table.
Slim of Tomi Market Salas What is the four—firm concentration ratio for this industry? 33 %. (Enter-your response as a whole number.) Fir111
A 13
What is the eight-firm oonoentration ratio for this industry? %. (Emeryour reananse as a whoie numbed B 10
C 3
D 7
E 5
F 4
G 2
H 2
All Other 49 Total 100%

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