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diagnostic questions

Hello, I have to submit this questions, I think I got the answers right but want to be sure before submitting. I’m not sure about about the last one. Thank you. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment



Please click on an answer to receive feedback. When you have completed these diagnostic questions, you may be
guided to additional content.
1) There is little to no difference between a paraphrase and a summary.
a Tru
b False
2) Choose an appropriate paraphrase for the following source.
"It is important, when motivating someone to attain their fitness and health goals, not to stray into the territory of
shaming them for their current lifestyle."
a) When motivating someone to attain their fitness and health goals, it is important not to stray into the territory of
shaming them for their current lifestyle.
b) Remember not to stray into the territory of shaming someone for their current lifestyle, if you want to motivate
them to attain their fitness and health goals.
c) One must be careful not to rely on guilt as a motivator for someone who is trying to better themselves in exercise
and nutrition habits.
d) Using guilt as a motivator is an acceptable way to help someone better themselves in exercise and nutrition
3) Which of the following is BEST to use when you want to express the main idea of an entire passage that is several
paragraphs long?
a) Quotation
b) Paraphrase
c) Summary
d) Direct link or copy of the source
4) Which of the following quotations does this passage appropriately paraphrase?
The increasing popularity of e-reading devices has made print publishers nervous about selling their products.
a) As devices like Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Nobles’ Nook continue to corner the ebook market, big-name
book publishers in New York find themselves scrambling to maintain their profits for their printed products."
b) "Print publishers are nervous about selling their products now that e-reading devices are becoming increasingly
c) "Although ebooks are on the rise, print publishers can feel assured that there continues to be a dedicated market
of consumers who will always prefer physical books to digital."
d) "E-reading devices are a wonderful innovation of convenience, allowing you to carry around an entire library of
books in a small, light package, instead of having to lug around numerous heavy books."
5) Which of the following is true about using an appropriate summary?
a) A good summary is essentially a group of paraphrases from each part of the original passage.
b) A good summary always relies on numerous quotations from the original passage.
c) Summaries should be at least as long as the original passage.

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