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Death of Ceasar by Vincenzo Camuccini

*The subject is Literature/Arts & humanities*

Choose two works (different artists) from this week’s module that express the same theme. Discuss the similarities and differences with regard to the ways in which each work addresses this shared theme.

Here are the works from this week:

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The Death of Ceasar by Vincenzo Camuccini

Christ’s Appearance to the Apostles by Duccio di Buoninsegna

St. Paul by El Greco

Capitoline Brutus, 300 BCE

Augustus of Prima Porta

Bust of Marcus Aurelius

Bust of Antinous, c. 130 CE

Fresco from the House of the Golden Bracelet, Pompeii

Fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, 80 BCE

Roman Fresco from Boscoreale, 43-30 BCE

Pantheon, Rome


Ruins of Roman Forum

Arch of Titus

Trajan’s Column

Pons Aemilius, arch of oldest stone bridge in Rome

Pont du Gard

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