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Cultural beliefs refer to the intuitions of an individual and what they perceive tobe right. I

Cultural beliefs refer to the intuitions of an individual and what they perceive tobe right. It is usually brought about by how an individual has been brought up. The socialbackground brought about by race and religion is what brings about these aspects ofcultural beliefs.For example, the shoppers in the store believed that I came from a society thatwas not fit just because of my dress cord. The society has pointed out at the dress cordthat I was donning on as one of the people with no good intentions(Babbie, et al. 2015).Almost all the people within the shop portrayed the social role in the paper.Everyone had that fear of the unknown and never wanted to be associated with me. Eventhe storekeeper was also not so sure about my presence and what my intentions couldhave been. They all retreated from me. They all retreated from me.The social inequalities visible in the paper is the segregation of people fromcertain social classes. Being in a certain form of clothing that covers the face makespeople think that you have ill intentions. I, therefore, came to understand why Muslimshave always been walked away from and the society has such a negative attitude towardsthem.The social issue as seen in the paper has led to people not having trust in eachother. For example, the Muslims have always been thought to have bad intentions justbecause of their religious background. It is becoming hard for them comply feel acceptedin the community.The social issue can facilitate change by the affected persons revealing their trueidentity and showing that it is not always that someone in a hood will have b

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