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csi episode analysis

Watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ( 2000 ) > Season 1 > Episode 1 (Pilot) on network TV or by using an Internet service such as Take notes about actions taken by the scientists and/or crime scene investigators. Then, write an analysis of the episode, detailing which actions taken are realistic and which ones are not. For two actions that are not realistic, discuss what the scientists and/or crime scene investigators would have done if the scenes were always realistic.


You need to use outside sources when writing this paper. The sources you use for this assignment should include at least two outside sources or articles. One of your outside sources can be any of the provided classroom readings. Significant amounts of information from these outside sources should be incorporated into your paper. Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate outside source for any college level paper and should not be used as an outside source in this paper. Also, your crime show episode should be referenced but does not count as one of your two other outside sources.

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In addition to presenting information from your sources, do some significant critical thinking in applying the course material and material from the outside sources to the crime show episode and your analysis of this episode. To show your critical thinking and that you incorporated your outside references into your paper, no more than 10% of your paper may be quotations.  The majority of your paper must be written in your own words.


Make sure that you provide citations throughout your paper.  Remember that for any information you receive from outside sources, whether you quote it, paraphrase it or summarize it, you must provide citations telling the reader where that outside information came from. Make sure that you provide citations for the episode, as well as, your outside sources.


This paper is not to discuss CSI effect.  This paper is to familiarize you with the job duties of a forensic scientist and/or crime scene investigation.   You may not know and understand the duties that are performed by forensic scientists and/or crime scene investigator; that is okay.  You should choose the actions that seem realistic and unrealistic to you and further research those actions to determine if the episode portrayed the actions correctly or not.  Then defend your choices with information from outside sources.  Utilize the forensic discipline discussion to assist in understanding the various forensic scientist occupations, examinations performed, and equipment utilized.


Your paper should contain the following items:


Cover/Title Page

Body of Paper

900-1,500 words long


Short episode synopsis

Episode Analysis, including the following items:

Multiple realistic and non-realistic actions taken by the actors

2 non-realistic actions further discussed

2 non-realistic actions analyzed for how those actions would have been performed in the “real world”

This should be the bulk of the paper discussion

Analysis must incorporate information received from 2 outside sources


Format of Paper


Times New Roman font ONLY

12 point font

1 inch margins (you will have to change your margins if using Word 2003 or earlier)

Double Spaced

The paper does not need an abstract. It should be in APA format, including the citations and the References.

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