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create photo essay great depression united states photo essay should contain variety 8 10 ph

1. Create a photo-essay of the Great Depression in the United States.  The photo-essay should contain a variety of 8-10 photos that ell the entire story of The Great Depression.  Include a caption for each of your picture selections.  Each caption should be 2-3 sentences in length.

Be sure to answer the following question:

“World War II did bring the country out of the Great Depression; however, is another Great Depression possible? If so, how would it affect your life?”

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2.What conditions made people give their support to fascist leaders?  What were the advantages and disadvantages of being under fascist rule?



3.The Soviet Union emerged from WW II economically and physically devastated.  How do you think the development of the Cold War would have proceeded if the United States had been in that position?


4.Create an annotated timeline that includes 10-12 important events in Fidel Castro’s rule of Cuba.  Each annotation (summary) should be approximately 1 sentence.  

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