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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: The Devil Came on Horseback

A Film by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern
A Break Thru Films Production in Association with Global Grassroots and Three Generations

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These questions are designed to help you guide a discussion after watching the film. If you want to learn more about the background of the conflict, please visit for educational resources.


1) Brian was in Darfur in 2004 and 2005. What is going on in Darfur today? Can it still be considered a genocide?

  • Read Enough report , “Echoes of Genocide in Darfur and Eastern Chad”


  • Read March 2, 2008 NY Times Article: “Scorched Earth Strategy Returns to Darfur”



2) What is the difference between being an observer and a bystander? How did Brian change before and after his experience in Darfur? What were the obstacles to his speaking up and what were some consequences of his decision (professional, political, family relationships, etc.)?

3) In the film, Brian and Gretchen travel to eastern Chad to learn more from the Darfurians in eastern Chad. An estimated 250,000 Darfurians are refugees in eastern Chad.

What do we learn about the humanitarian situation in the refugee camps? What do you think the people living in the camps want for themselves and for their future?

4) According to the United Nations and other international agreements, what is their obligation in a situation like Darfur? What is meant by the statement that there is “no appetite in the international community to intervene.”? What is the impact of this attitude on Darfur and other places where ethnic cleansing and genocide occur?

5) What do we know about China’s relationship with Sudan from the film? What can we do to put pressure on China to get more involved?

Learn about Dream for Darfur (
Learn about the campaign to divestment from companies funding the Sudanese

government—Sudan Divestment Task Force (


6) What can the United States government do to end the violence? What role does President Bush have to play? What about the next president? How can we get Darfur on their priority list?

Learn about Students Taking Action Now in Darfur’s SEAL campaign to pressure President Bush to Act:

Learn about the ENOUGH and Genocide Intervention Network Project to make Darfur a campaign issue:


7) What is the responsibility of a firsthand witness? What is the responsibility of someone who learns from a witness? What is the responsibility of the international community and our government? What is your responsibility?

  • Build your community of concern for Darfur: participate in Tents of Hope:

  • Find a Darfur advocacy group in your community or start your own: search for groups at

  • Students: start a STAND chapter to raise awareness at your school. Register your chapter at

  • Raise your voice in support of Darfurrelated legislation: call the 1800 GENOCIDE hotline for legislative alerts (hotline developed by Genocide Intervention Network)


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