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circuit analysis exam 1

Exam starts Tuesday, May 12, 7:50 AM-10:30 AM pacific time in California. Pacific time California so please be ready!!

Duration of Exam: 2 hours

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Notes regarding the exam:

Text: Alexander and Sadiku, “Fundamentals of Electric Circuits” Fifth Edition, McGraw Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-338057-5.

  1. There are six problems covering 9 pages.
  2. The last page of the exam is a copy of Tables 15.1 and 15.2 from the book. (Laplace Transforms)
  3. There is an op-amp problem.
  4. You must be familiar with the methods of problem 15.9.
  5. Note the notation: 0.109|_-53.95°. The |_ is a symbol for the angle of a complex quantity.
  6. Computations using bode plots will be covered.
  7. No graphical convolutions will require integrations. Concepts of convolution will be covered.
  8. However, you must work all Laplace problems by hand and show your work to get credit. If a Laplace transform problem has any missing steps, cheating is indicated and no credit will be given.

I will send you picture of exam before exam start time.

Please write all calculations on blank paper and write legibly then send a picture after you’re done with each question.

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