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Carmen Viers

Carmen Viers lost everything to a fire and has spent the last eight weeks living in a motel room at a cost of ​$3,465. Her​ dwelling, which was destroyed as a result of a lightning​ strike, was insured with an​ HO-2 policy for $231,447. Prior to the​ loss, her home was valued at $278,000​,her detached garage and poolhouse were valued at $36,165​, and her personal property had an actual cash value of $84,364. To make matters worse she sustained​ $10,000 in injuries while​ trying, unsuccessfully, to save her three Greyhound dogs valued at​ $6,000 each. How much of her total losses and expenses will be reimbursed if she has a​ $1,000 deductible?

The amount of total losses and expenses she will be reimbursed if she has a​ $1,000 deductible is $__________


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