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c program please help due sunday

You are asked to write a program to organize accounts in a bank.  Suppose all the accounts are stored in a data file called “account.dat”.


A typical input data file looks like:

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1 8 1943

Margaret Mitchell



1 12 1955

Mario Puzo



For instance, the above file has information about two customers. For every customer, the first line gives the account number (of type string), the second line gives the birth date (month, followed by day, followed by year, all integers), the third line gives the first (string) and last (last) names, and the fourth line gives the account balance (float).


Your program should first read the information from this data file and store the information in an array (called customers) of objects.  Each array element corresponds to one customer and is an instance a class (header and implementation files) with the following members:


Private members:

            accountNumber (data type: a string)

birthMonth  (data type: integer)

birthDay (data type: integer)

birthYear (data type: integer)

firstName (data type: a string)

lastName (dat type: a string)

balance ( data type: float)


Public members

           void withdraw( float amount);

void deposit (float amount);

void printBalance( );  // print out the balance on screen


           customer(  );   // default constructor

// No parameterized constructor

           // you also need to define the necessary get and set functions


Your program should provide a menu that allows users to withdraw, deposit, and print balance.  The menu should allow users to create a new account for a new customer. Your menu should also allow users to save the updated account information (including the accounts that were newly created) to an output file called updated_account.dat.


An example of menu is given below:




1-      New Account

2-      Withdraw

3-      Deposit

4-      Print Balance

5-      Save Accounts to File

6-      Quit


Please enter your choice (1-6):



When you access an existing customer account (choices 2, 3, and 4 in the menu), you need to ask the user for the account number and then, use the account number as a search key to find the record in the customers array. Essentially, you execute a for loop through all the customers and find a match of the account number to locate that particular customer.


Component 1:   Software System Design


Provide a use case diagram and a class diagram for your project


Component 2:   Assurance of Software Correctness


Find out a set of preconditions and postconditions for each function in this project.  Summarize the result in the following table.


Function name







Component 3:   Software Testing


Design a complete suite of test cases for all possible scenarios in using your program. Summarize your test plan in the following table.


Reason for Test Case

Input Values

Expected Output

Observed Output







Component 4:   Software Documentation


Precede each function with the following standard information:


//   Purpose: …

//   Author: ….

//   Creation Date: …

//   Last Modification Date: …

//   Precondition:  

//   Postcondition:  


Also, include a comment at the beginning of the program that includes the following information:


//   Purpose: …

//   Author: ….

//   Creation Date: …

//   Last Modification Date: …


Component 5:   Screen Shots


Create a number of screen shots to demonstrate the running results of your program.





Submission of Your Work


You need to prepare a SINGLE MS word document that contains all of your answers to Components 1-5 as well as your source code (by copy-and-paste).

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