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Business Plan. Please have 5 or more pages in length, exclusive of the title page, table of contents


Business Plan. Please have 5 or more pages in length, exclusive of the title page, table of contents, and


***********Please write yourself********* no plagiarism******APA Format*****will check against Turnitin****and add sources*******

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My business plan topic is a Beauty Shop. This is what I need completed; 

Concept Statement

A detailed description

Intended target market

Includes: age range, geographical location, income, etc.

Benefits – Why would someone want to buy this product or service

Positioning – What is the niche? How will the product or service be different from what is on the market now?

Description of how the idea will be sold – Briefly describe how this product or service will be sold and marketed.

Concept Test

Survey or Focus group – Conduct a survey (website:  Survey Design ). Distribute surveys to the target market. The results will help to determine if the idea is viable.

Trend Research – Which force/trend is being capitalized upon and why?

When did the trend start?

Financial Start-Up Cost

Overview of capital requirements

What are the major start-up costs?

Is this an opportunity or an idea, why?

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