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What Are The Key Concepts In History?

Understanding history is not a child’s play. It requires a total understanding of factual information from different historical sources available in various formats like documents, art and images.

To develop a thorough understanding of History, the key concepts are sources, continuity and change, evidence, cause and effect, perspectives, significance, contestability, and empathy.

History experts at have described the concepts in short:

  • Sources

Sources may be referred to as any documented or non documented material data used to investigate and obtain information regarding the past. As already mentioned before, sources are of two types: primary and secondary. Some examples of sources are photographs, gravestones, manuscripts, coins, buildings etc.

  • Continuity and change

Historians often consider that some things tend to change in the course of a time whilst others stay the same. This is known as the concept of continuity and change, and their instances can be found in almost all civilizations of any given era. In the perspectives of historians, the various aspects of the past that had remained the same with time is referred to as continuity and elements of the past that do not remain the same are regarded as change.

  • Evidence

The concept of evidence is basically all about the information gained from various sources, which are essential for a “specific inquiry”. For example, evidence is used for helping the construction of a historical narrative to support a hypothesis or prove or disprove an inevitable conclusion. Evidence can be collected from primary and secondary sources such as photographs, documentaries (primary), encyclopedia entries, websites (secondary), etc.

  • Cause and effect

Cause and effect refer to the concept used for identifying various chains of events and development in the short term and long term. The concept of cause and effects facilitates the analysis and examination of reasons behind the occurrence of an event and the resultant outcomes.

  • Perspectives

Perspective can be regarded as a point of view or a position from which individuals perceive and understand certain events. Perspectives of people depend on age, gender, values, societal positions and beliefs.

  • Significance

 Significance can be associated with the importance that is assigned to various aspects of the past. The concept of significance may entail events, people, multiple discoveries, historical monuments and sites, movements, and so on. History is full of events, movements, and people who can never finish studying but can study only the most significant ones. The significance of a specific historical event can be understood by examining the importance of the event to the people of that time, the number of affected people, the degree of effect, the span of the event, and the outcomes’ longevity.

  • Contestability

The concept of “contestability” can be related to interpretations and the explanation of historical events. History is always open to debates, and there are no right or wrong answers. Thus, historians keep seeking a better understanding of past events. Contestability leads historians to draw varying interpretations regarding what they perceive.

  • Empathy

 Empathy is an important concept that helps in understanding the impacts of historical events on specific people. Empathy includes an appreciation of various circumstances encountered by the individuals and the values, attitudes and motivations behind the actions. It is an approach to put oneself in other’s shoes.

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Sample Question And Solution Of History Assignment Help

PS320 History And Systems Of Psychology


This assignment requires you to write essays in response to each of the following:

1- Respecting evolution, compare and contrast the perspectives of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer.

2- Outline Chomsky’s Influence on Behaviorism and Psycholinguistics.

3- Describe and explain Witmer’s contribution to the field of clinical psychology.



The paper aims to discuss the history of psychology and the contribution of William of Ockham to it. In addition, the essay aims to provide an overview of Thomas Hobbes’ laws of social life. In doing so, the essay will first provide a brief overview William of Ockham, his life and teachings and then his contribution to the history of psychology. Then, the essay will talk about Thomas Hobbes, his contribution to the social life. Lastly, the essay will provide a discussion on the romantic revolt. In addition, it will discuss its influence on psychology. read more

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History Assignment Writing Service For A Myriad Of Topics

We know you must be looking for all the academic options that has to offer you. We want to reassure you that we cover a wide range of topics under our history assignment writing help services.

Here Are A Few Areas Covered By Our Writers:

  • Social history
  • Political history
  • Economic history
  • Religious history
  • Art history
  • Cultural history

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Help With Different Stages In College History Assignments

Based on historical events, history is divided into three broad stages. At, our writers cover all stages of history. Below we have mentioned all the stages of history where we provide help. They are:

  • Ancient history
  • Post-classical history
  • Modern history

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Classification Of History

History is the record or narrative description of past events. It is associated with the study of the past- particularly the people, their lifestyles, societies and events. It also deals with the past- and peoples’ attempt to understand and combat them.

Classification of History is the basic cognitive process of arranging a set of events into sets or categories. However, for the classification of History, historians obtain data from mainly two sources- Primary sources and Secondary sources.

The primary sources mainly consist of artefacts and documents fundamentally created by a participant of an event or a witness. These sources can be the first-hand testimony/ evidence records developed during the historical period that you are studying.

The collection and analysis of primary sources are crucial for the classification of History. The primary sources include letters, oral histories, diaries, photographs, interviews, poems, newspaper articles, novels and government records.

Another critical tool to study the classification of History is data obtained from secondary sources. The secondary sources evaluate a scholarly question and use data from the primary sources as evidence. The secondary sources comprise articles and books relevant to a topic. History experts at say that the secondary sources may also contain bibliographies leading you to other primary and secondary resources.

A historian doesn’t need to address every aspect of the classification of History in his work because of various specializations in this field of study.

Broadly, there are six significant fields of study, which are:

  1. Social History
  2. Political History
  3. Military History
  4. Cultural History
  5. Economic History
  6. Urban History

Experts at have described each of the categories briefly below:

  • Social History

It was advocated by the historians of the English communist School and Annales School. It accentuates social propensities, customs, practices, and so on. It demonstrates how commoners acknowledged the historical changes and what changes did they carry alongside themselves.

  • Political History

It ponders upon specific political events like war, rulers, successions, and so on. It shows the significant change that has prompted different political disturbances all through the world.

  • Military History

The study is associated with military changes as war and progressions, including the strategies and technological innovations implemented.

  • Cultural History

The later part of the last century zeroed in on cultural History. It helps show how culture helped in forming History, historical experiences deciphered through culture, and so forth.

History experts in our team say that cultural history study helps us get a thorough insight into music, customs, craftsmanship, festivals, and much more, which was continued before and builds up a connection with the present.

  • Economic History

It investigates the business endeavours and economic state of commoners at present and centuries ago. Thus, it assists with understanding the social changes made at the macro level.

  • Urban History

 Urban History is fundamentally associated with the examination of the historical nature of cities and towns along with the process of urbanization.

For more information, contact us today.

What Are The Stages Of History?

History can be majorly categorized into five different stages or eras, namely, “Prehistory> Classical>Middle Ages>Early Modern>Modern eras”.

  • Prehistory

This is the stage of History when humans first appeared on this planet, approximately 2.5 mn years ago. The major ages of the stage include “Stone age” (2.5 million BC – 3000 BC)”, “Bronze age (3000 BC to 1300 BC)”, and “Iron age (1300 BC to 600 BC)”.

  • Classical

 This stage began approximately around 600 BC and in most of the world and marked the starting of the philosophical stage of world history. This era has seen the rise and fall of the various world empires such as “Ancient Greece”, “Persian Empire”, “Byzantine Empire”, “Ancient Rome”, etc.

  • Middle Ages

 This stage is also called the Medieval or the post-classical age. This is often referred to as the “Dark Ages” because of the loss of the recorded historical data after the decline of the Roman Empire (476 AD). This stage lasted for almost a millennium, and this is further divided into “Early middle age (476AD to 1000 AD)”, “high middle age (1000 AD to 1250 AD)”, and “late middle age (1250 AD to 1450 AD)”.

  • Early Modern

This stage of History has seen the resurgence of the philosophies and values from the classical era. This is the stage of History when legends like “Christopher Columbus”, “Leonardo da Vinci”, “William Shakespeare” and many more lived. The major movements of that era include “Renaissance Humanism”, “The European Renaissance”, “Protestant Reformation”, “The Enlightenment”, and so on.

  • Modern eras

 The technological boom has led to the modern era as a result of the renaissance and the enlightenment. In this stage, the world of politics has been rocked by wards and the modern world is referred to as a cumulation of billions of years of human civilization and development. In order to know when the modern era ends and a new era begins, it is important to study the stages of History and understand how society works largely and discretely.

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Q.1. How To Find History Assignment Topics?

Answer- You can find history assignment topics on a plethora of digital platforms. Here is recommendation for you to consider.

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Q.2. How Do You Write A Good Introduction To History Assignment?

Answer- Here’s how you can write a good introduction to history assignment:

  • Focus on the primary subject matter or the concerned topic.
  • Conduct extensive research across all necessary avenues.
  • Focus on the specific historical era you need to highlight.
  • Do not introduce argumentative slants while drafting the opening note.

Q.3. What Are The Different Types Of History?

Answer- History has been divided into 6 essential categories, namely:

  • Political History
  • Diplomatic History
  • Cultural History
  • Social History
  • Economic History
  • Intellectual History

Q.4. How Authentic Is The History Assignment Paper That You Provide?

Answer- We, at, provide 100% original history assignment papers on time. Our team of in-house history assignment writers knows how to leverage the potential of advanced plagiarism detectors. This helps them to weed out all critical duplicity errors with absolute precision.

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