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This assignment is a DB, only 3-4 paragraph need must be original,fresh work in APA format and 2 references, will pay $5 must be on time



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The purpose of the Discussion Board is to allow students to learn through sharing ideas and experiences as they relate to course content and the DB question. Because it is not possible to engage in two-way dialogue after a conversation has ended, no posts to the DB will be accepted after the end of each unit.

IRS Code Section 280A provides guidance on what expenses are allowed on rental property and how to allocate those expenses.

  • Use the tax research methodology to research the regulations regarding rental income and expenses.
  • Describe your research findings. 
  • Do you believe the allocations outlined in Code Section 280A are appropriate? Why or why not?
  • For taxpayers who own rental property, this could be a potential area used to reduce their taxable income. What are the ethical and legal ramifications of misusing the treatment of rental property expenses?

Support your answers with rationale and/or evidence.

In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Unit Materials

Unit 4 Course Materials

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