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a reflective essay

I need help with writing a reflective essay based on  my reflection of the term’s work.

It going to be based on all what i have learned this term and examples from my two essays Narrative and the Persuasive essay.

Below is the guideline:

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-1 Milestone Five: Final Project: Reflective Essay

A few reminders about the Final Reflective essay.

It should demonstrate your understanding of the writing process. It should do so by three methods:

1. Reflection

2. Explanation

3. Analysis

It needs to cite at least three examples from previous work you completed in this class.

It should incorporate specific examples of Module Lessons, or feedback you received on your work. This feedback may be from peer, your instructor, or The Writing Center. Be sure to cite Examples:

Mindsedge Module 3. Paraphrasing (2015) ENG122-Q 1248 (examples of paraphrasing from recent Persuasive essay may be good)

(Smith, Discussion Post Week 5, ENG-122-Q )

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