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9. Feasibility Assessment9.1 Economic AnalysisThere are numerous tangible and intangible benefits

9. Feasibility Assessment9.1 Economic AnalysisThere are numerous tangible and intangible benefits. Those benefits are listas following:Tangible Benefitso Increased speed of activityo Sales opportunities can be quickly identified and the appropriate point ofcontact can be notified in a timely mannero Quick identification of sales on the verge of being losto Automation of the follow-up processo Increased communication throughout the sales pipelineo Improvement of management planning and controla Management can identify unproductive branches or relationship managerso Users can generate a wide array of reportso More efficient planning for the sales and marketing functionso Opening new markets and increasing sales opportunitieso Identifying potential sales leads/referrals earlier in the sales process inorder to increase the success rate of the saleo Enhanced management of human resourceso Age sales leads and referrals, so as to prevent lost salesIntangible BenefitsoIncrease in competitivenessoMore timely informationoBetter informationoImproved account managementoImproved resource managementoIncreased leveraging abilityLikewise benefits, there are tangible and intangible costs are involved indeveloping and maintaining the proposed system. The costs are listed asfollowing:Tangible CostsoInitial labor costsoDevelopment costsoImplementation costsoSoftwareoHardwareoTechnical training of employeesIntangible Costso Employee adaptation to new systemo Employee response to new technologyo Employee reaction to performance analysis9.1.1 Financial SummaryRevenue Increases:

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