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5pg compare contrast history of capitalism paper

Deadline: Monday May 18th 1:00PM EST

Compare and contrast at least two of the following crises in the history of capitalism, discussing both their causes and consequences…. The South Sea Bubble (1720); the Civil War cotton crash (1865); the oil crisis (1973); the financial crisis (2007-8)

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Respond in an essay of 5 pages (around 1,250 words). You must develop a clear and focused argument on the basis of information from readings. This can be comparative (observing similarities and differences between the readings) or connective (bringing the readings together in a new way, e.g. by noticing a common theme or problem not explicitly stated in them). Arguments typically answer “how” or “why” questions. For example, how did monopolies develop in different industries and sectors? How did the ideas of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, or Milton Friedman influence real-world political and economic change? Why were the effects of the Great Depression so widespread compared to other crises? And so on.

Once you have gone through the relevant readings and formulated your argument, pay close attention to organization and flow. The paper should have three parts: an introduction (in which you state the argument), main body (consisting of a detailed discussion of the evidence), and conclusion (restating the argument). Begin each new paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly transitions to the next point you are making, showing how your thoughts connect. Avoid excessive summary but try to reference the readings and lectures as much as possible. Formal citations and direct quotes are not required. No outside research is allowed.

**Relevant readings attached**

Pick which readings based on which crises you choose to write about.

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