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10 pages research parper about phyiscs

It’s a  research paper.The topic is about: OIL and ENERGY

you need to use some physics knowledge to finish this research paper


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Some Information needs to be included in the paper:

 OIL: 1, how long gas gonna lost

          2,Gas usage,resource

          3,Gas reserve

          4,HOw to use oil in North Dakoda?

           5,…………(you need add more information)


Energy:  1,energy help our life

                 2,where is energy at oil

                 3,how energy is used

                  4,……………(you need add more information)



{Don’t Copy and Paste From INTERNET, You need write it By YOURSELF}


You can add Statistical table,or few pictures if there is a need to prove the information.(At most 6 pictures)


Words requirement: 10 Pages(Double space)

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