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1 how are three classes hormones specifically synthesized 2 why thyroid hormone unique and h

1. How are the three classes of hormones specifically synthesized? 2. Why is thyroid hormone unique, and how is it synthesized? 3. How do peptides and catecholamines specifically act on target cells? What is the mechanism? 4. How does enzyme amplification affect hormone effectiveness? 5. What are eicosanoids? What eicosanoids do lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase produce? How do they function? 6. What are varicose veins? Where are some examples of where they are found? What are some surgical/clinical options for varicose vein removal? 7. Why is venous pooling not a problem when you are sleeping and the skeletal muscle pump is inactive? 8. The principle venous drainage of the thoracic organs is via the azygos system. Please describe this system by including the major veins and associated organs/body regions that drain into this important venous system. 9. The hepatic portal system receives the blood draining from the abdominal digestive tract. Which veins compose this system and how are they linked/joined? 10. What are the 4 types of diabetes? How are they similar/different?
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